NFL coach accused of kicking player at practice

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The NFL's 2-11 Jacksonville Jaguars person been mostly a punchline since hiring manager Urban Meyer successful January.

Meyer has created headlines and headaches for conscionable astir everyone wrong the team's shot facility, with adjacent squad proprietor Shad Khan saying this week: "What's antithetic astir this happening is you person losses and you person drama."

The latest 1 involves erstwhile Jaguars subordinate Josh Lambo claiming Meyer kicked him during signifier successful August.

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Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars connected the sideline astatine TIAA Bank Field. (Getty)

Lambo told the Tampa Bay Times that Meyer kicked him successful the limb portion helium was stretching astatine the commencement of a preseason practice.

"It surely wasn't arsenic hard arsenic helium could've done it, but it surely wasn't a emotion tap," Lambo told the newspaper.

"Truthfully, I'd registry it arsenic a 5 (out of 10). Which successful the workplace, I don't attraction if it's shot oregon not, the brag can't onslaught an employee. And for a second, I couldn't judge it really happened. Pardon my vulgarity, I said, 'Don't you ever (expletive) footwear maine again!' And his effect was, 'I'm the caput shot coach, I'll footwear you whenever the (expletive) I want.'"

Josh Lambo of the Jacksonville Jaguars celebrates aft defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers successful 2018. (Getty)

Meyer released a connection done the squad denying the incidental happened the mode Lambo described it.

"Josh's characterisation of maine and this incidental is wholly inaccurate, and determination are eyewitnesses to refute his account," Meyer said.

Lambo said helium reported the incidental to his agent, who contacted the Jaguars' ineligible counsel the pursuing day.

Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars reacts astatine TIAA Bank Field. (Getty)

"Jaguars ineligible counsel so acknowledged and responded instantly to the query made by Josh Lambo's cause Friday, August 27, 2021," the Jaguars said successful a statement.

"Counsel offered to talk with Josh, oregon to assistance Josh successful speaking with coaching oregon immoderate different shot personnel, if helium was comfy with her sharing the information. Any proposition different is blatantly false."

Lambo was released aft helium missed his archetypal 3 tract extremity attempts to commencement the season.

Josh Lambo of the Jacksonville Jaguars kicks astatine TIAA Bank Field. (Getty)

Lambo declined respective requests to talk with media members during his last period with the team.

Lambo's allegation comes connected the heels of an NFL Network study which said Meyer created hostility with aggregate run-ins with players and assistants.

Citing unnamed sources, the study elaborate a heated speech betwixt Meyer and receiver Marvin Jones that seemingly stemmed from Meyer criticising receivers by saying they weren't winning capable one-on-one matchups oregon getting capable separation.

Urban Meyer and Marvin Jones of the Jacksonville Jaguars hug during warmups. (Getty)

"I would conscionable accidental this: There was thing that was brought to my attraction that I didn't similar excessively well," said Jones, who spoke publically for the archetypal clip since the study was published.

"I approached him astir it and we talked and we handled it similar grown men. And that's each I person to accidental astir that."

Jones denied threatening to permission signifier implicit the argument.

Marvin Jones of the Jacksonville Jaguars celebrates triumph successful London. (Getty)

"I mean, shoot, erstwhile you lose, you're ever going to beryllium the centre of attraction successful a antagonistic way," Jones said.

"That conscionable is what it is. That's each I person to say."

Meyer's different caller issues surrounded moving backmost James Robinson getting benched doubly pursuing fumbles, and the manager seemingly not having immoderate hint who's successful the crippled astatine definite times.

James Robinson of the Jacksonville Jaguars leaves the tract aft losing. (Getty)

Meyer has repeatedly struggled trying to reply astir each question astir substitutions.

Trevor Lawrence has ne'er experienced this overmuch play successful a shot season.

Not successful college. Not successful precocious school. Not arsenic a kid increasing up successful Cartersville, Georgia.

Jacksonville's starting backmost is acceptable for it to end, too.

Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars chat anterior to the crippled against the Tennessee Titans. (Getty)

"I bash deliberation that has to alteration and that's thing that we request to enactment connected for sure," Lawrence said.

"You can't ever beryllium successful the headlines. You conscionable got to spell play football, and that's wherever we're trying to get, and I person nary uncertainty we'll get there."

No 1 expects it to hap anytime soon.

Clemson backmost Trevor Lawrence is selected to the Jacksonville Jaguars during the 2021 NFL Draft. (Getty)

Lawrence stepped successful aft Robinson was benched the 2nd clip and made it wide to coaches, including Meyer, that the team's astir accordant violative subordinate needed to beryllium connected the tract more.

Meyer besides has raised eyebrows for hiring and past firing alleged racist spot manager Chris Doyle; getting fined for having excessively overmuch interaction during offseason practices; signing 2007 Heisman Trophy-winning backmost Tim Tebow to play choky end; holding a fake QB contention betwixt Lawrence and Gardner Minshew; being the taxable an NFL Players Association probe aft Meyer said vaccination presumption factored into the team's roster decisions; and for getting caught connected video behaving inappropriately with a pistillate astatine an Ohio bar.

"Obviously there's been a batch of drama," Lawrence said.

"Like immoderate has caused everything, who adjacent knows astatine this point. But there's been a batch of drama, and for me, I deliberation it's important to beryllium truthful, but with that, similar I said, you can't accidental everything that's connected your mind. You person to person a filter and you've got to beryllium careful."

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