'Unacceptable' Formula 1 move under review

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The fallout from the melodramatic Formula 1 finale successful Abu Dhabi has continued, with the athletics considering a regularisation alteration that would forestall squad bosses from speaking to the contention manager during a Grand Prix.

Australian contention director, Michael Masi, came nether immense unit some during and instantly aft the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix aft his important telephone successful the last laps, with Mercedes claiming the due processes weren't followed, allowing Max Verstappen to walk Lewis Hamilton for the win.

Mercedes protested the effect instantly aft the decorativeness connected Monday greeting (AEDT).

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After Williams operator Nicholas Latifi crashed, Masi initially prevented lapped cars from passing the information car, giving Hamilton a buffer to Verstappen for the final-lap shootout.

F1 contention manager Michael Masi came nether immense unit during the last laps successful Abu Dhabi (Getty)

The directive was past changed to let the 5 cars betwixt Hamilton and Verstappen to unlap themselves.

In the midst of each the chaos unfolding connected the track, Masi was heard copping an earful from some Christian Horner of Red Bull and Toto Wolff of Mercedes.

Horner could beryllium heard pressuring Masi into restarting the race, portion Wolff fumed astatine the restart.

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It is simply a concern that F1 managing manager Ross Brawn does not privation to spot repeated successful aboriginal races.

"We volition halt this interaction adjacent year," helium said.

"It's unacceptable that squad bosses enactment Michael nether specified unit during the race. It's similar the coaches negotiating with the referee successful football.

Verstappen crowned Formula 1 champion

"Toto can't request determination shouldn't beryllium a Safety Car and Christian can't request the cars person to un-lap. That's astatine the discretion of the contention director."

Brawn's presumption echoed that of erstwhile F1 satellite champion Nico Rosberg, who wasn't impressed with the unit enactment connected Masi by some squad bosses down the stretch.

"Here Christian's coming connected the vigor to the referee saying 'we request 1 much thigh of racing' that's not ideal. We request to get escaped of that for adjacent year," helium said aft the race.

"Maybe they shouldn't adjacent beryllium speaking to the referee astatine all. It doesn't hap successful football. You can't person the manager calling the referee.

"There needs to beryllium a due model wherever we support things understood."

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